New Ornamental Crops

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At the heart of our institution lies an ever-blooming passion: research to create new and captivating varieties of ornamental plants. We are excited to welcome you to our online platform, designed to share with you the fruits of our tireless work in the field of ornamental plant genetic improvement.

Our dedication to the development of exceptional ornamental plants is nurtured by years of experience and an unwavering commitment to beauty and sustainability. On this website, we invite you to explore the secrets behind our ongoing research projects, discover the latest innovations in ornamental plant genetic enhancement, and join us in the exciting adventure of bringing new varieties to life that will adorn gardens and green spaces worldwide.

Throughout these virtual pages, you will find detailed information about our ongoing research, recent achievements we have reached, and the challenges that inspire us each day. But this website is more than just a showcase of our scientific work; it is an invitation to explore the intersection of science and natural beauty.

We hope this website becomes a valuable resource for gardening enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. We also aim to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, so we encourage you to join us on this exciting journey. Your ideas, comments, and perspectives are essential to propel our work further.

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